On Thursday, I am going to the MELT! festival and I am in the middle of ‘wardrobe preparation’ for it. The key to successful packing is taking as little as possible while being prepared for whatever may happen.

Here is a festival capsule wardrobe I am going for this year:

Fullscreen capture 7112016 122720 AM1. CAMI DRESS- which can be worn as a single or with a tee underneath. (BTW, there is nothing better to wear after a shower than airy dress).
2. OFF SHOULDER TOP- to have something that follows the most recent trends.
3. WHITE TEE- to have a basic that works fine with everything.
4. CAMI TOP- in case it is boiling hot.
5. PAIR OF SHORTS- so I can comfortably sit everywhere I want.
6. A SCARF- which warms up my throat when it is cold and protects my head when it is hot.
7. A SWEATSHIRT- to keep me warm
8. A PARKA JACKET- to keep me dry in case of rain
10. A BLING-BLING- to make me shine.
11. 12. 2 PAIRS OF SUNNIES- just ‘cos I love sunnies ^^
13. A PAIR OF SOCKS – as a trendy alternative to long bottom.
14. SWIMWEAR- just in case I need it.
15. TRAINERS*- so my feet are comfy during long nights out.
16. FLAT SANDALS*- so you wear it to the shower, to the lake and when it is boiling hot.
17. WELLIES*- to keep the feet dry.

*(I know that 3 pairs of shoes seem a lot, but as I see it, my feet ALWAYS has to be comfy and adjusted to the weather condition. I hate to feel too hot , too wet or too cold in my shoes. If you are not that picky and need to remove weight, you can toss the sandals. Stick with wellingtons though. Every time I won’t take them it rains as …)
Wondering why these pieces? Check below only a couple ideas of how to mix and match it all. With so little, you get these and much more outfit ideas! How do you like them?
Fullscreen capture 7112016 121618 AM.bmp
So that would be all about my packing routine. Tell me what do you take when you are camping? Do you have any tips and tricks?
Stay awesome!
P.S. Interested in packing tricks. Check my make up essentials HERE


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