“People get obsessed with followers…You just have to keep it real. You can’t be somebody that you’re not” said Crystal from Gucci Gang and kept her word. Together with 3 friends Angelina (15), Annabelle (16), Thaïs (15) she is creating a lifestyle and new wave group called GucciGang.

Girls are hanging out, partying, smoking and posting pictures from their escapades on Instagram. Thanks to hunting in thrift shops, nonchalant and effortless stylistic they became icons of new wave Parisian style. Wanna see more? Check their Instagram— > AnabelleAngelina, Crystal, Thais.

Owh, and if you’re wondering about the name, it’s purely coincidental, inspired by one of the mates mothers name- Guccibella. Catchy, though, helped them to be widely recognized by the fashion world.

How do you like their works?
Stay awesome!


Photography Yulya Shadrinsky;
Fashion Samia Giobellina;
Hair and Make-Up Yuka Sudo;
Makeup Assistant Kana Nagashima;
Set Manager Marita Gurcciani;
Production Sam Ghiyati at 20yrs;
Talents Angelina Woreth @WM Models, Annabelle Fererra, Crystal Murray, Thaïs Klapisch, Clément Mbath, Donovan Alexis




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