A couple of weeks ago I went to MELT! festival. The trip there touched me in so many ways! I have already shared with you fashion inspiration (check more HERE) and today is time for an ultimate list of my MELT2016 music favorites. It is top 11 artists, cos I could not drop anybody from this list. And BTW, top eleven sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well, but jokes aside, as promised, here it is—->

(The order is totally coincidental and a bit influenced by my idea of sharing alternately links from youtube and soundcloud)

Vessels. The first performance I saw. Fresh and perfect for the beginning.


Kode9, cos it was dubstep-inspired, trap related and bass engaging. <3


Mura Masa, cos of the joyful atmosphere created on the stage and amazing sounds send into the ether.


Solomun, cos he played perfectly for a couple of hours.


Ho99o9, cos their concert was one of the most awesome punks/ska/electro event I saw in years.


Motor City Drum Ensemble, cos of the electrifying beat. Latino and techno? Yes, he mastered it!


Kollektiv Tumstrasse, cos nice music set during holidays is all one may need.


Disclosure. Cos they are the best.


Digitalism, cos their electro punk in its best! Really. Just check them out!

Gold Panda, cos his soft sounds were mixed with strong bass.


Two Door Cinema Club, cos a bit of indie rock is cool.


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