What is on my mind now? Hours of music and a few images, things and thoughts.

1. When I close my eyes, I see huge, green leafs of tropical plants. I wish to get covered with it and get lost in the jungle. I am not sure, though, if I am brave enough to go there alone.
2. I am obsessed with fancy nightwear. I collect more and more of silk tops and cute short trousers. Now, thinking of winter ahead I wish to get a woolen pair a granny panties, like one on the picture. They look so super sexy!
3. A white T-shirt with a small print the right side. It is important, though to get print, which actually means something. Because the clothes are the way to say things without opening your mouth.
4. My new Levis 501 pants. They are super awesome. And NO, they are not overadvertised. And YES, they do make my ass look better.
5. Sephora’s spray to refresh face when it is hot and sweaty.
6. The best ever black slip dress, which I can wear over and over again. BTW, it is totally okey to wear one piece many times. It is a kind of recycling, which all of us should implement on a daily basis. My aim- to have less and wear it more.

What are your musings for August?
Stay awesome!


  1. 2016-07-30

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