Do you know Bianca from B-Darielle? Bianca is a girl with an amazing style, who founded a super cool blog (find it HERE). She has nominated me for the “Get to Know Me… Four Things” blogger tag and as I accepted a challenge here are my answers to the questions asked:

4 places I’ve lived in:
1. My hometown Lodz in Poland
2. Jember, Indonesia
3. Leicester, United Kingdom
4. Brno, Czech Republic

4 favorite places I’ve visited:
1. Flores Island. The wildest and the most beautiful island in Indonesia I saw.
2. Peaks around Pra Loup in France, from which you see the Mediterranean Sea. Perfect skiing area!
3. Barcelona in Spain, because of the most awesome architecture, amazing people and street art everywhere.
4. Polish Seaside, cos none other has beaches with such a gold sand. (and as I have been there recently and I still experience its beauty 😀 )

4 favorite TV shows:
1. Walking Dead. A series in which Zombies are the smallest problem.
2. Girls. Firstly because it is about real girls and secondly because they are the best friends.
2. Friends. Comedy, drama and real life issues.
3. Sex and the City, tv series about my two favorites fashion and writing.

4 favorite foods:
1. Pancakes. They are not only my favorite but also a very first dish I ever made. It happend when I was 5 and even though my grandma did most of the job, it counts.
2. Pizza. Margarita the most.
3. Dark chocolate, because it is sweet and bitter at the same time.
4. Porridge with peanut butter and banana. My favorite breakfast.

4 favorite drinks:
1. Water with lemon, because without lemon it has no taste.
2. Mint tea, because it is a great solution for any stomach problems.
3. Coffee. Especially Americano with milk or so-called Turkish coffee.
4. Cucumber lemonade with lemon, because it kills thirst.

4 pet peeves:
1. Slurping and munching. To avoid exploding i always put a music during meals to drown its sound.
2. Senseless chit chats with people I barely know about obvious things.
3. People who are shiftless, helpless and surprisingly proud of themselves.
4. A girl wearing something I also have in my closet.

4 wacky or odd things about me:
1. I sing in the elevators. (And I always think no one hears me, which sometimes is not true.)
2. I fall asleep in any kind of transportation after approx 5 minutes.
3. I usually remember all the faces and names of people I met, even if I met them only once.
4. I reorganize my closet on a monthly basis hoping that eventually, I will learn to keep it tidy.

Now its a time to nominee 3 bloggers to do the challenge. My choice is:
Victoria from Victoria Tracker
Danni from Just Like Heaven
Bella from Falling Fairie

Have a lovely weekend and stay awesome!



11 thoughts on “#4THINGS: ‘GET TO KNOW ME TAG’

  1. This was great! If you need another place to visit my city Atlanta, is where they film The Walking Dead lol you can tour the set! I don’t like it when someone else has the same clothes as me either. It kills the moment…

    Liked by 1 person

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