Today I had a crazy day at work. I did a lot of things only to learn, that it was all for nothing. It’s like, I was building a house of cards with the fan on next to me.

When I was sitting in front of my desk, banging my head on the wall of obstacles (and literally on the desk) I started to have thousands of philosophical questions. It began with ‘why am I doing it?’ and finished with ‘who created the universe and why did he place a fan next to my house of cards?’

But after this brief moment of doubts, I stopped myself and rerouted my thoughts to another track. Cos even during this the most horrible day, there is always some small things that makes me smileย  and keeps me going.

Here is my ultimate list of reasons why I love my life and why I am proud of myself:

1. SELF PREPARED FOOD. What can be more adult and mature, than making food for yourself? I even clean after myself! (Well done, Anja!)
2. SUPPORTING THE CHARITY. Last week I bought a magazine to support homeless people twice. Its worth to mention, I don’t even speak the language it is in.
3. I PAY MY BILLS. Every month. On time.
4. I WAKE UP EARLY. I wish to have somebody to wake me up. But I don’t. And even though it is so very difficult, I manage to wake up on my own. Even at 3 am, I still manage to do it on my own.

So these are my reasons to stay proud as a peacock even on a day that went all wrong.
What motivates you?

Stay awesome!




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