Finding a perfect bag is not easy. It has to have a perfect size, perfect style and be unbreakable. Personally, I do not own too many bags and purses. I prefer to stick with only a few, but better quality (read more expensive) ones.

How to find an arm piece for life and only for one event? Here are my tips.

1. PURPOSE. Buy a bag conscious of its purpose. I carry on me a wallet, keys, lipgloss and camera, so my handbags are adjusted to fit these and do not look overpacked.
2. TIME. Save your time and get a bag with some side pockets. You can keep in them keys and lipgloss and spare yourself an embarrassment while throwing whatever is in your bag while looking for a toothpick.
3. MONEY. You don’t have to spend on a bag as much as on rent, but always go for quality. Avoid plastic, stiff and squeaky leather or too thin canvas. Examine stitching, zippers, and straps. Does it break in the shop already? Don’t buy it.
4. COMFORT. Drop the weight. The unnecessarily heavy handbag is a prescription for shoulder and back pain. Need to carry a lot of things on you? Use adjustable straps to balance the weight.
5. STYLE IT UP. Bag shapes the silhouette and the smaller the handbag, the bigger you appear, so try it on before buying.

I did not mention anything about designs, cos I believe that everyone has a unique style and no one should influence it, I do have my favorites, though. My number one are shoulder bags with long straps. They slender my silhouette so nicely. My number two are backpacks. If I travel with a laptop or anything else that weight more than my usuals, I choose back- supporting option. It is, cos I always choose comfort first. Check below for my favorites available in online stores now.

How do you like my tips? If you have any more, let me know!
And stay awesome!


BACKPACKS  1.  2. 3.  4.

BAGS 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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  1. DaRiA says:

    love bags so much 😀 Actually I have a lot of them and I love all of them <3
    I would be not able to choose the favourite one.

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