My plans for the weekend? Forget the problems of the world and lose myself in relaxing routines. Oh, yeah, I do need it after stressful week. How to detach yourself from the reality to fully enjoy weekend? Check a few of my transition techniques, which takes all the issues away.

1. Use to see your problems to fade away.
2. Do 5 minutes yoga sequence and at the end relax in flat back position. Close your eyes and smile. Place your arms on sides, stretch your legs and listen to your breath. Go for at least 10 breath cycles.
3. Use two tennis balls. Sounds crazy? Hold them in hands, place the hands behind your head, lie on your back and roll your head back and forth and up and down. The balls will gently massage your neck.
4. Whisper to yourself a mantra for 5 minutes. Don’t have your mantra? Use mine: I am fearless in what sets my soul on fire. Or you choose one from TV series: When I am stressed and sad, I stop being sad and I am being awesome instead.
5. Go out for a walk. Get lost in the beautiful nature, amazing sunset or gorgeous streets of the city.

How are you going to start your weekend?
Stay awesome!

STARRING: denim LEVIS/top and sandals BERSHKA/jacket DKNY/bag TOPSHOP/sunnies H&M

20160809-113729{OLS order switch model}13DSC_060620160809-113729{OLS order switch model}10DSC_0573




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