A couple of years ago my boyfriend introduced me to a Wolverine movie. At the beginning, I was unsure about the quality of the picture. In my eyes, it was some silly comic story after all. It did not take many shots of gorgeous Hugh Jackman, so I change my mind and become a huge fan not only of a Wolverine movies but all X-Men saga.

The story of mutants fighting with each other and with whomever else is willing to fight is so simple that it is true. ‘The whole underlying principle of the X-Men was to try to be an anti-bigotry story to show there’s good in every person.” Humans facing the reality, enemies, fights are definite heroes of theirs lies. None of us has a monopoly on being the ultimate positive character here. What we can do, though, is to be the best versions of ourselves. That is already quite a lot of influence we have on the course of events.

Let’s use our super powers to make life easier. And let’s stay awesome.

Stan Lee on XMAN HERE, Wolverine movie trailer HERE

STARRING: top MARVEL/skirt ZARA/sandals H&M

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