The summer is coming to its end, but I am not yet ready for an Autumn yet. How to prolong summer? The best way is by going for a short trip. This can be any place, which will disconnect you from your reality and inspire. But where to go? Check my must-visit places from around the world.

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One of the places on my must-see list is Croatia. I am surprised, I didn’t visit it yet, but there was never time to do it. As it is only 6 hours drive from Brno, I am hoping to get the gang together and visit it soon.Learn more HERE.

Laos. One of the places I wanted to visit while living in Azja but never had a chance to, is Las. It has the most beautiful landscapes and lakes, so I believe it is a perfect destination for a couple of days long relaxing trip. Learn more HERE.

Tasmania. Since I have read THIS article Tasmania is my ultimate destiny. Pity it is so far from Europe. But if you live close, check this hiking destination and chill with nature. You most definitely won’t regret. Learn more HERE.

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Cuba. There is nothing more relaxing than smoking a Hawaiian cigar while driving your Chevrolet Bel Cabrio, that is why Cuba is also on my must-see list. Retro cars, beautiful music, and delicious food put Cuba in the first place from the destinations around America. Learn more HERE.

So this is my wish list of the places to visit. Please share any places you consider worth seeing. I am very curious of the universe 🙂

And stay awesome

Pictures by me from trip with my beloved family to Kamien Pomorski, PL. Check more info about it HERE.

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