There is nothing better than warm September afternoons. Hm… Correction. There is nothing better, but only, if you have free time to enjoy it with your friends. But when you have to study for an exam, Indian summer can be a dangerous distraction. But there is no way, I am going to put books away this month.

Here are my ways how to keep focused on studies, when sun from outside is asking you to out.

1. YOGA. I know that I mention yoga as a remedy for any issue, but it really do helps with almost everything. Find your inner peace, focus on your goals during daily practice and you won’t be tempted to leave the studies over.
2. FRUITS. Get a basket full of raspberries, blueberries, black berries… Okey get a basket of any berries or any other fruits before you start studying and treat yourself!
3. COFFEE. Be focused on what you do. Get a coffee or any other refreshing/awakening drink, which will help you to get the most from your learning.
4. BREAKS. You will make breaks anyway, so think how much you can work efficiently and after this time pass, plan a break. After a short break your brain will refresh and will assimilate new materials easier.
5. AWARD. Set an award for job well done. There is nothing what motivates better than awards 😀

These are my ways to stay focused on books when summer is still in its full. What are your tricks?

Stay awesome!

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    1. anjage says: Author

      Oh, I wish to study outside, but I get so distracted… When sun is shining on me I feel like chillin only, hahah 🙂 Have a good week!

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