What do you think of distressed t-shirts? I got psyched about it after I saw a picture of Kendall Jenner with tee uncovering her bra. One may say, showing your underwear is too much, but not me. I had to get somehow a distressed t-shirt. And how to get it? Well, simply I decided to risk and play with one of the basic tees I already had.

With my own creation, I went for a cut out on the front. It creates an illusion of a V-neck, which is super flattering, and adds a detail of a loose choker, which is super trendy.

Do you like to play with your clothes? Would you risk cutting your tee? How would you do it?

Let me know!
And stay awesome!


pictures were found on tumblr or made by me



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  1. Konstancja says:

    Kendall’s version of the distressed tee is a bit too much for me but I really like the way you re-made yours! I’m really tempted to try this myself. I actually have a top that’s similar in style (it has the same v-cut and a choker-like collar) and it was kinda expensive but I was so obsessed with the style, I got it anyways. I should’ve just grabbed a pair of scissors and a tshirt that I already own! 🙂 XO

    1. anjage says: Author

      I can get your obsession with this design, cos it is really flattering and I wear mine non stop. Don’t regret top you bought, cos I bet it serves good. You cannot put a price of days when you felt beautiful and looked amazing 🙂 Thanks for your visit and see you around!

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