It happens, I fell in love one of my clothes with real pure love. I guess it is not a surprise as I am a fashion blogger (fashion victim, maybe?). This feeling of love is awesome, unless all the rest of the universe seem to hate this specific garment of mine.. Even though I try to stay cool and wear a face of ‘I don’t give a damn’ kind of a girl, I can’t help that such a negativity takes away all the joy I used to have from wearing this particular piece.

Such a differentiation in opinions between me and the universe seem to be about this overall dress. In my eyes it is the most adorable piece ever, but it seems I am the only one in the universe to think so.

As we all know, sometimes being a fashion blogger goes too far and results in being ridiculos  instead of stylish.  Tell me if, I am getting too far with this overall trend.  I did decide to post these pictures, even though I can’t even count how many people did not appreciate it.

Posting this pictures is an experiment. It is a little bit ‘face the opinion of the internet’ and a bit of ‘do something in spite of others opinions’ kind of a thing. I am really curious, if entire universe hates it… hahah… And at the end, this is just a dress 😉

How do you deal with the negative opinions about your appearance?  Let me know!

Don’t let the universe bring you down!
And stay awesome.

STARRING: dress VINTAGE (it was a maxi, I have cut into knee length one. Distressed hem is so hat, ain’t it?)/top, sunnies, bracelets H&M2016-08-2012dsc_0076-003




8 thoughts on “OVERALL DRESS

  1. Love this dress! It’s even cooler that you cut it from a maxi. Such a good way to recycle clothing for a brand new look. I think that at the end of the day, some people are worried to step outside their comfort zone and try something on the funkier side. You totally rocked it. I also really want a pair of overall pants for fall!

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