What do you think about a tiny bit of bra sticking out from your top? HOT or NOT? I believe that you either love it or hate it. I fell in love with this trend since I saw THIS profile of Daftbird LA on lookbook.nu. Making your bra visible, brings a bit of commitment to how does it look and it wasn’t till this Aug when I found a bra I am willing to show to tHe entire universe. My idea was to have a bra, which will give a bit or an edge to my casual, basic outfits. That is the reason, why I chose red lace, which creates and interesting (and slightly slutty) detailing.

Let me know if you also follow the underwear out trends!

Don’t let the universe bring you down!
And stay awesome.

STARRING: bra LINDEX (simmilar HERE)/top and sunnies H&M/necklaces STRADIVARIUSS (it is unavailable, but similar style you can find in Bershka HERE)/shorts VINTAGE/bag TOPSHOP



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  1. Danielle says:

    Personally, I love the idea because it’s comfortable and practical in the summer months. However, I know I would be highly criticized for it. So, I don’t. So, it’s a “no” for me because I don’t like the look enough to fight about it.
    That’s the great thing about fashion though…. It says things without talking.

    1. anjage says: Author

      Yeah, I understand what you mean… Fashion is this kind of a self expression, which one may love or hate… Thank you a lot for your visit!

      1. I found several (Opinion posts): MAY I INTERJECT?; THERMAL—OVER-WEAR?; MAIN STREET LINGERIE; UNDERWEAR FETISH–BAD; UNDERWEAR SURFACES. Most with the same viewpoint and at least one shared story! 🙂

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