I have a nature of a perfectionist. I didn’t know about it before, as I was hiding my nature under tons of dizzying substances. Now, when my mind is clear, I feel a bigger and bigger urge to reach some unspecified goals. This attitude applies to my work, my home, but most intensely, it applies to my blog.

On the way to perfection, I am like like Don Kichot fighting with the windmills. I fight an unwinnable battle. I always find reasons why the content of my website is not good enough. The effect of such impulse opinions is deleting pictures, erasing words. The effect of it are thousands of pictures, which never made it to the website. They got lost on the way to it, cos of bad light or any other reason that comes up to my mind.

Is it normal? I ask. Only as long as you don’t hurt anybody, people says. Good, I reply.

As a result of chasing perfection, I have decided to change the posting schedule. I will be posting now 3 times per week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will give me more time to decide what I really want andΒ  omit ‘filling the gap’ kind of posts. I will be still active on a daily basis on all the social media, so if you miss me check my Instagram account πŸ˜‰

Do you also chase the perfect version of yourself ?

Stay awesome!

STARRING: cardigan ATMOSPHERE/denim VINTAGE LEVIS 501/top and shoes H&M




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  1. making everything perfect is a drive that leads us to create better things, in this case, better blogs πŸ™‚ Attention to detail is very important and continue being more creative. Good pictures!

  2. For me personally, ‘perfection’ used to be quite a rigid box and I find it constricting to have this mindset. I think was bogged down by it from my teens to late 20s. My thinking is if an inspiration strikes and I’m moved to pursue it, I will be deliberate in my action. It takes time and sometimes, I get stuck but it’s liberating, to finally be in line with myself. I love reading your thoughts, Anja as they make me think. And of course, your outfit – I’d so wear it πŸ˜€ x

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  3. Hey, nice thought. Chasing perfection isn’t bad but I would personally want to make a post that would present my thoughts to the world. An imperfect presentation of an imperfect thought should prove I’m imperfect human always ready to learn and improve. You look great with that off-shoulder.

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