How about a turtleneck?
Hell, yeah! That is the piece I am not leaving behind, especially when the weather is so cold, the wind blows so strong and… my perverse nature still does not let me wear a scarf yet.

Why love it?
1. It is warm. When snowman looks at you through the window, you know that what is keeping you warm is keeping you alive.
2. Getting tired of wearing a scarf? Turtleneck to the rescue. Let frivolous turtleneck stick from under your coat out, too keep your throat healthy and keep the stylish and chic look.
3. Talking about layering, I need to underline, the is no better piece for layering. Yeah, this trend is still huge this year and trust me turtlenecks looks great from under piles of clothes. Others will plaster your layering skills with praise and you will be like: Pff, I am just wearing my turtleneck.

These are my reasons to wear a turtleneck. How do you like my turtlenecked outfit? The key piece is from UNIQLO and you can find similar HERE.

Let me know what do you think of this trend and if you gonna follow it.
Stay warm and stay awesome!

STARRING: turtleneck UNIQLO/denim LEVIS/shoes RESERVED/sunnies H&Mdsc_0543-0022016-09-156dsc_0562-002dsc_0502-0022016-09-155


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