I love my tiara. It is a perfect accessory for a basic look. Every time I wear it, my boyfriend mocks me. He says, becoming a princess is a dream come true for me and, well, there is something about it. Cos honestly, whom of us didn’t dream to be a princess at some point in life?

What do you think about wearing a tiara? Did I get cheesy or chic? Maybe there is some other accessory from childhood that you use in your fashion outfits? Let me know!

Stay awesome!

STARRING:coat ZARA/pants FOREVER21/tshirt ESPRIT/shoes VANSdsc_0314-001dsc_0332-001dsc_0345-002dsc_0362-001dsc_0392-001dsc_0295-001dsc_0331-001



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  1. Hehe, girlie I love the tiara on you and how it contrasted with your sporty casual outfit. I can’t have anything on my head because I am constantly fussing over my crazy waves and will look like I naturally never comb my hair which is true most of the time. LOL. 😀 x

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

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