Statement t-shirts are in fashion and prints stating that someone is a geek or that someone is hungry/thirsty have been around for a long time. In general, I am not a huge fan of those, but for each rule, there is an exception. And so even though I dislike any statement pieces, here I am wearing a tee with a print prompting you to be authentic. I can give you a thousand excuses how my t-shirt is different than others, but I won’t. Why? Cos my tee is not different, but in contrast, to the other statements, I most definitely can sign my name under this one. That’s all.

Do you wear statement t-shirts? Let me know if you like this trend in comments.

Be authentic and stay awesome!

P.S. If you like gender equality topics. check THIS video to see what a eight-year-old girl thinks of statement t-shirts and messages they are carrying.

STARRING: tshirt DIVERSE (now in reduced price  HERE)/jacket STRADIVARIUSS/pants LEVIS 501/shoes &bag ZARA/




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  1. bdarielle says:

    I like simple statement t-shirts, like the one you’re wearing. It’s trendy but classic too, if that makes sense lol Great style a always!

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