I was never a ruffle person, but recently I have changed my mind. It happened during the fashion month when a lot of bloggers wore ruffle tops and I caught myself thinking how coll it looks.

So here I am, approaching a new fashion field, coming across this gorgeous top* with small ruffles on shoulders in a second-hand store. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
One may say these are such a small ruffles, that they are no ruffles at all, but as I am just trying it out they are big enough not to intimidate me.

Let me know how do you like them and my oversized bomber.

Stay awesome!

P.S. BTW this is a dress, not a top. I am in the middle of reducing my wardrobe contents and I learn how to creatively use what I have, so a dress became a top. #getthemostofyourclozet

STARRING: top TOPSHOP/denim RIVER ISLAND/shoes and bag ZARA/ jacket VINTAGE








8 thoughts on “MINI RUFFLES

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