Whne I was a teenager, I used to write short decadent stories. One of these stories was about a girl creating a choreography describing an architecture. As you can imagine, it was quite of a challenge and today I understood that same applies to describing sounds with words. No matter how hard I try, I can’t transfer the emotions I want on the paper. I wrote a draft of this post like 15 times and nothing touched the surface of how I perceive PROTOTYP and its content. What I loved the most was watching a guy creating with lasers the most incredible visuals and sounds. It was amazing. Really.

Do you also enjoy modern art?

Enjoy pictures from the event.

Stay awesome,

HIGHLIGHTS: sophisticated noise (in each corner of the room it sound totally differently) AVA KOLLEKTIV; the MODULAR SYNTHESIZER performance by Bernhard Rasinger (BR LASER); movement sensitive installations by HANSI RABER SUPERDUPER and ANDREY SEVCIK

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