At the end of the year, I become nostalgic. I go through all memorable moments from past months and I devote myself to the contemplation and reflection. One of such instants is a day in 2016 when I discovered merino wool. Yes, my friends, this is a story of me discovering America.

I have bought my first merino wool jumper in January 2016. Since I pulled it on, I knew that this day becomes a history. The reason for that was simple. It was a day when I learned that non-itching wool exists. The day when I became acrylic free. It was like Xmas. Only with more gifts and more joy.

If you also get bothered with synthetic wool and its disadvantages, check below why you should instantly switch to merino wool and get your life back.

1. It is so soft and comfortable.
2. It is breathable.
3. Odor resistant. (obviously to some levels 😉 )
4. It is warm and cool, cos it reacts to body changes.
5. Its fibers absorb fewer stains.
6. You wash it your washing machine and tumble dry.
7. You don’t have to dry it flat.
8. It is completely natural, renewable and it decomposes.

Do you check the fabrics when buying clothes? Or maybe you have much more impressive discovery of 2016 to share? Let me know 🙂

Stay awesome,

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