Currently, I feel like it is a time to make a change in my life, but I did not decide what kind of a change I need. I feel emotionally burned out. I feel that before making my change I need to get a new perspective, before making any life changing decisions.

Sounds easy? Apparently, it is not as easy as I expected. Here are steps I took, to get some life inspiration and reasons why it worked like a charm.

1. GET AWAY. Anywhere. I don’t mean super expensive holidays. For me adding additional expenses to my already long list would not inspire me. It would make me stressed. The idea of getting away is about going to a place you feel comfortable in, so my choice was to visit my friends home in a small town nearby.

2. BE INA  GOOD COMPANY. This one correlates with the previous one. Looking for comfort, I would not go for holidays, where I have to meet with strangers. It is not only stressful but also prevents from opening to what is deep, deep inside you.

3. SPEND TIME ALONE. This one contradicts the previous one. I know. But the thing is that only alone I can rethink my all decisions, so wherever you are at the time of getting new perspective, make sure you will have a bit of time only for yourself.

4. HAVE FUN. Why? Because it is fun per se and it elevates your mood. Better mood gives positive energy and this energy helps to open eyes to new possibilities. So simple, my friends, so simple.

5. DO YOGA. I always mention yoga in these posts, but as I see it, yoga with its meditation helps for every single thing. And that is it.

Following these steps is not a magic wand. It does not take all the troubles away. What it did for me is helping me to find myself. Now I know how I feel and what I expect from life. Maybe I got a slightly little bit wiser now, haha.

Do you have any other ways of getting a new perspective? Let me know!

Stay awesome!

STARRING: top ZARA (different way to layer it during winter HERE)/t-shirt RESEVED/velvet pants WALLIS (another look with it HERE)/slipons ATMOSPHERE



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  1. Such a beautiful outfit! I’m completely in love with that slip top 😍 I think all of the suggestions you made are really good – especially the one about getting away somewhere! It’s always nice to have a change of scenery x

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