On Saturday I went for a trip to Budapest. It was a short visit, but I ticked a few boxes on my must visit places list. I had a walk along the river, took a subway and tried traditional Hungarian food.

Here are a few pictures I have done during the day. There is a poster of Lodz Kaliska exhibition on one of them. Lodz Kaliska is a group of artists from my hometown. Their activity is oscillating around pub with the same name, Lodz Kaliska, place I visited many times. It was nice to discover a little bit of my hometown in a city center of the Hungarian capital city.

When I go for a trip, I pay attention to what I wear. What I look for in a travel outfit is both keeping me warm and chic. This time, I knew, that the day was going to be busy, soΒ  I went for a comfortable outfit. It is a few staple pieces: Vintage Levis 501s, SIZE 28/30 (more outfits HERE shop a pair HERE), pointed ankle boots from Mango (moreΒ  outfits HERE, shop similar HERE), woolen jumper from Uniqlo (shop it HERE), and a bomber jacket from Topshop (more outfits HERE, shop similar HERE). I have bought all of the pieces in second-hand stores.

How did you spend weekend?

Stay awesome!

LINKS: Lodz Kaliska exhibition HERE, Underground HERE, Parliament HERE,

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  1. Budapest looks like a fantastic place…My husband went there last year and told me a lot about it ..Especially borsch soup is famous..)))Which is a common Turkish_Hungarian food..))
    And vintage 501s are a lehgend..)I spent all my university years inside them::))) All the colours..

  2. www.hannacocoa.com says:

    Nice outfit, great pics. Fits for Budapest as well, but you should check this city in summer (clothes:)

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