A New Year has come.  Usually, I spend the first day of new year creating a list of my resolutions, but not this time. This year, I started to work on my list long before, so today I could lie in my bed and rest. That was the most clever thing I have done in weeks. ^^

My plan for this year includes working on my body, mind, and skills. The first step to work on it is to follow Adriene’s Revolution program. Oh, yeah, there is nothing better than starting a year with 30 days yoga challenge!


This year I have also changed my approach to the new year resolutions itself. They are not to create brand new self. They are rather to prioritize what is important for me. So I think of them as a guidance how to get what I want and they don’t seem so scary anymore.

Pictures in this post are my favorite ones from 2016 and as its background I use Jean Miro’s art.

How about your new years resolutions?Did you make any? How about the outfits I choose? Do you like it?

Happy New Year guys! Have a good one and stay awesome!

LINKS: yoga with Adriene HERE; the power of yoga HERE


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