For the past 18 years, I buy my clothes in second-hand shops. Firstly this decision was caused by the idea of standing out the crowd. With time I added to it economic reasons, as it is much cheaper than the new clothes and very often in much better quality. It is like a win-win situation, cos you buy less and use it longer. Recently I put on this list one more reason- it is eco.

Officially movement of becoming a conscious buyer and pondering on where was your clothes made is called sustainable fashion (read more HERE) and it has been brought to life as the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. To avoid overproduction it encourages to use what is already available on the market. One of ways to get them is to shop in second hand shops. 

Oh, how super I felt. A superAnja rescues our mother earth by buying clothes in second hands stores. And then I watched THIS video about ZERO WASTE LIFE and I realized I don’t know anything about being eco.

I will follow Lauren’s lead and spread her message.Please check her website HERE and shop HERE.

Lets be conscious of our choices and lets stay awesome,

STARRING: all clothes bought in second hand store- jacket (simmilar from ASOS HERE)/denim LEVIS/top NIKE/shoes MANGO


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  1. Maryanne says:

    Second hand clothes are also healthier because the fresh dye doesn’t get into your skin. I have a neighbor who has great stuff and at least once a year she has a garage sale and I truly score!

  2. threeoneoh says:

    This is actually so inspiring! I’ll be a fashion student soon which means I’m going to be so BROKE. I’d love to have a go at only shopping at thrift shops. Love your work ✨

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