It is weekend time! Yey!! After nearly two weeks of holidays, first working week seemed very busy. I started 31-day yoga challenge (check HERE for more), met my friends, prepared content for the blog and worked each day 8 hours on my project at work. With so much going on all I am expecting from the weekend is chilling and watching movies and it is totally fine to get rest you deserve.

It is totally fine
… when the only achievement of the weekend is watching all season of your favorite series. That it what weekend is for.
… to be that person who laughs loud on the tram stop/in the office/anywhere else. Check your laughter tells about you HERE.
… to have a crush on a guy from office, even if you’re not single. It is such a motivation to dress up nicely every day.
… to wear the same outfit twice, especially when people you are going to meet haven’t seen you in it yet.
… to leave home with running tights and if anybody asks, replying that you needed a bit of anarchist vibe in the world of consumerism.

What are your plans for a weekend? Let me know in comments below and enjoy it to its full, cos whatever it is you totally deserve.

Stay awesome!

LINKS: mural ‘MOZLIWOSCI/DESTINY’ read more HERE/ info about snowstorm in Europe HERE

STARRING: vintage LEVIS 525/vintage merino wool turtleneck from M&S/boots MANGO



  1. I have decided to comment in English as it seems a bit easier for both of us 🙊 I love this post, it’s so fun to read and reminds me of Glamour magazine! Your outfit is so chic and minimalist 💕 Is that last picture in Lodz?! 😀 xx


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