With the end of 2016, I have done a lot of compilations. I have counted how many times I traveled and how many music events I have attended. What I also did was reviewing my closet. Its outcome is identifying 5 most favorite garments. Check below what are they and reasons, why I totally recommend you go for them.

1. BLACK SKINNY JEANS. It is the most versatile piece I wear all the time with everything and always feel gorgeous. I got mine from H&M, you can buy them HERE.

denim H&M/shirt TOPSHOP/slipons ATMOSPHERE/bomber VINTAGE

2. POINTED BOOTS. These boots were one of these purchases, I made to experiment with fashion. I have never had a pair like this before, so I had doubts if I ever wear them. Now, a year after, they are my number one flat ankle boots and I cannot even remember what shoes I used to wear before I got them. Find another outfit with it HERE.

boots MANGO/denim H&M/jacket VINTAGE

3. WOOLEN JUMPERS. This year was for me a time of wool discovery. It has all started with a turtleneck from merino wool than I got a jumper from lambs wool and now I have in my closet only wool. It is warm, it breathes, and now, in times of temperature below 15 degrees below 0, I appreciate them even more. Read more about benefits of wool HERE.

jumer ZARA/tailored pants FOREVER 21

4. LEVIS 525. I came across my pair of 525s in a second-hand shop and instantly fell in love with them. They are perfect for my silhouette and I also love its denim. I have reworked my pair, I slimmed its bottom and chop off the hem (1h job), to be exactly as I wanted and quickly they became my favorite pair of denim. I wear them all the time, with everything I have and they always look good. Find it HERE, on official Levi Strauss website.

denim LEVIS 252/top EBAY/flats TOPSHOP

5. BOMBER JACKET. I don’t remember when did I get my first bomber, but it was many years ago, I’m thinking it could have been high school. Anyways, for all these years I always have a bomber in my closet cos it looks awesome in casual and gives a nice edgy look to the formal style. Check my latest bomber jacket crush HERE.

jacket VINTAGE/turtleneck CALVIN KLEIN/denim H&M/shoes H&M

What are your favorite pieces and why? Lets inspire each other to become more stylish and chic πŸ™‚

Stay awesome!

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  1. I love my black skinny jeans and definitely my black boots with two tiny buckles on the ankle. I think I ordered them at Designer Shoe Warehouse online. Great style!

    1. anjage says: Author

      I recommend all the kinds of wool, but some of them are itchy indeed. If you dont like it, try merino wool. It is quite expensive, but I think it is worth every penny you pay for it. It is breathable, it is warm and it is as soft as silk <3 πŸ™‚

  2. manyjeans says:

    Loving the black skinny jeans. This seems to be one of the must-have items in any respectable wardrobe.

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