I focus so much attention on what to wear but tend to forget about accessories. I stick to the same set for weeks now. It is always hoop earring, with the same set of rings and lonely watch on my wrist. Far from a creative approach, one would expect from a fashion blogger. Wasn’t I so recently thinking of some new year’s resolutions? Adding to the list  attention to detail, wouldn’t hurt.

So I took a challenge. I decided to focus more on these little things that polish the look. This is my first try, shiny earrings with a set of basics. The outcomes? The glam from the earrings radiate so intensely, I felt beautiful and chic. Who would expect? Such a small item and it is such a #confidencebooster! I guess they are right saying, that devil’s in detail.

How do you like eclectic style combining basic clothes with decorative jewels? Let me know.

Stay awesome!

STARRING: earrings H&M (Find them HERE, I got mine on sale, but apparently website does not recognize it as sale… Sorry, guys :/)/ denim LEVIS 525/jumper VINTAGE/bag ZARA (HERE different outfit with this bag)/boots MANGO (HERE different outfit with these shoes)

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