In the last couple of weeks, my life has changed and along with it, I changed as well. Following these changes, I had to reevaluate my life, sink deep in my thoughts, and make a few decisions. It seems, though, but I needed it to happen. It is like exam during uni, you hate it, but once you get your final diploma, you know it was worth the pain.

So this is me, in a very difficult situation, deciding what to do with my life and out of the sudden at the top of the problem list, I add another one. My friend’s urge to make all of these decisions for me.

‘We have to talk it through. You won’t be able to make a decision without me!’ I heard.
I was grateful for such an amount of support, but there are moments in my life when I have to be sure I am being true to my, and only my, opinions, so I refused the talk in a polite manner.

‘Remember, if I don’t like your decision, I don’t wanna hear about it. And don’t come to me crying to discuss it further. I am out.’ came in response.

I did not reply to that. What could I say? F*ck off?

Following this conversation, my friends made an intervention for me. We are afraid you may do something stupid, they said. They worried about me cos I was acting strangely. They were concerned cos I didn’t spend enough time with them, didn’t share enough thoughts with them. They were sad that I did not involve them in my thinking process.

I don’t know… I felt that was awkward. I felt like I lost something. I always thought a true friend doesn’t have to understand my decisions. As I see it, it takes a real friend to respect them, even when these decisions are different than it was expected. I also think it is highly unhealthy to involve others into the most intimate parts of my life. And this is what I told them. For now, they seem to accept it.

Today was a bit bitter and totally detached from the pictures I made but I had to spit it out as I am confused and still not sure of anything. What do you do when you make a decision? Do your friends support you in it?

Stay awesome.

Check what is an intervention HERE and a fun idea how to make a decision quickly HERE. Additionally you can visit THIS post, that inspired me to share my thoughts today.







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  1. That’s a Strange reaction, maybe your friends are a little too intrusive in your life? For me, I love a good advice and knowing what my friends/family think when it comes to a big decision, but in the end you and only you should decide. Your friends should support you even if they disagree I think πŸ™‚

    1. anjage says: Author

      Thank you for these words, πŸ™‚ I hope that all teh issues will get solved and everybody will remain happy. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your visit!

  2. When I don’t agree with something my friends want to do, I always express my opinion but always end with “…but if you feel to do it, go for it”. Better regret things that you have done than regret not doing them!

  3. Maryanne says:

    I agree with you, totally. Also by friends saying they were afraid that you would “do something stupid” is condescending. You are an adult, a true friend would trust your judgement and not judge you, but rather wish you the best.

    Great blog and love the look! Thanks for referring to my blog also! Cheers!

    1. anjage says: Author

      Thank you. No problem about sharing πŸ˜‰ I loved your post and only because of it I wasn’t shy to share my problem. <3

  4. I think friends shouldn’t interject their opinion unless you specifically asked for support. I hope you will stick to your gut and make the decisions that work best for you! Take care.

  5. Lux G. says:

    Love the jacket and I agree on that matter. Friends don’t always need to understand our decisions because we’re all different. But respect must always be there.

    1. anjage says: Author

      Yeah, it is. I am glad to hear it. At first, when it all start happening, I did not know if following my gut is the best decision. The further I follow it, the more I am sure about my choice. Thank you for your visit!!! πŸ™‚

  6. thanks for liking my post. it feels great that someone actually read it. about your post; i think your friends care about that’s why they are telling you what to do but at the end of the day it’s about you. so make that decision based on what you truly want and deserve and i think your friends will respect that. you might also feel maybe the are right and you are wrong. don’t let that waver your intuition. do you. you are allowed to make mistakes and that is life. wishing you well.

  7. Pamela7k says:

    It is hard, you want your friends to respect your decisions you make in life, but it is nice to hear other opinions. If your friends tell you that you are making a wrong choice than say to your friends. Okay so next time you do something I don’t think is right for you, you will do what I tell you? See if they like that, which they won’t.
    You are right TRUE FRIENDS stick with you no matter what. I found out when my dad died who my true friends were.

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