Last week I published post summarizing my favorite garments. The list of 5 contains woolen jumper, black skinny jeans, reworked levis 525s, ankle boots, and bomber jacket. This week I had mixed and matched these items to create a sample lookbook- basics edition. Its main strength is an endless number of outfit combinations. 2017-01-0222017-01-187.jpg2017-01-2010


How do you like this lookbook? What do you wear during winter? Let me know in comments below.



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  1. jewe2017 says:

    I wear a sweater ( Δ°stanbul is very cold in winter ) almost every day..When there is a meeting ro a coctail..I wear a suΔ±t and a shirt..Do you sometimes wear a suit??This is Yasmin from ryasminblog..This is my new account…)))

    1. anjage says: Author

      Hi Yasmin 😊, to be honest I don’t wear suit much. I have one dig deep in my closet, and it’s waiting for some perfect occasion, when I pull it on to become sophisticated and fabulous. πŸ˜€, thank you for your visit.

  2. I love it. In winter I mostly wear comfy, oversized sweaters.. usually with a nice pair of jeans, but sometimes also with black thighs or fishnets.. depends. 😊 this winter I’m really into oversized denim jackets also and booties πŸ˜† love your style, take care ❀️

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