There is always a first time for everything and this is my very first a haul post. Items I bought on sales.

1. BOOTS. I use sales to supply my wardrobe with classic, good quality clothes with a lower price. One of such classics is leather boots. This year I have found a perfect pair in Zara and what I love about them is how easy you pull them on. It is like the shoes and my feet after touching each other would melt into one piece. Awesome! (HERE)

2. BLACK SLIP TOP. I needed to replace one I have. (HERE)

3. BODY. Last few seasons are body-oriented, so I decided to get one. I know it is a winter collection, but I will use it as a strictly summer piece. I went for the super trendy pink color. It will look amazing with bright denim shorts and tanned skin. ❤ (HERE)

4. NECKLACE. 3 pieces set can be worn together or separately. Perfect for minimalist outfits.I didnt find it online anymore, but HERE are similar.

5. UNDERWEAR & SOCKS. I use sales to stock up the basics, so every time I go for a set of underwear and fancy socks. These on the picture were in a set of 3 (plain white, plain black and one with flowers) and I got one set made from cotton and from lace. (HERE)

What do you buy during sales?

Stay awesome!



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