Whenever I am physically unable to write (like in the bathroom or 5 minutes before I fall asleep), the best ideas come to my mind. Then, when I am in front of my laptop and I do have to write something, my head is as empty as the vacuum. Like I have no thoughts at all, my head is possessed by an emptiness. And this is the feeling I experience now. Empty.

So let me tell you where am I at now. I’m at the office sitting in the best place possible to see my office crush. Hell, yeah! A girl needs some entertainment when going through endless excel sheets, doesn’t she?

And here is my today’s outfit. White shoe laces, watch over the sleeve and faux fur. I was building this one gradually. Everything started with the turtleneck/pants combo. I love how my waist looks here.

I wear the black dresslily.com watch over a black sleeve, cos I love how it exposes subtle golden details. The white laces are giving a bit of excitement to all black whole. At the top my maroon faux fur. I am obsessed with it, cos it is one of the warmest outwears in my closet, plus it styles any outfit in an effortless way, what gives it additional 500 points on a scale of its usability.

How do you like it t
Stay awesome

pictures by D4R14

STARRING: faux fur VINTAGE (more HERE)/turtlenecks F&F/denim MARKS&SPENCER/trainers H&M/bag ZARA

(I bought all of these pieces in second hand shops 😉 )




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