Blogging duty is strong in me and I pull on an all-nighter cos of it. And so, here I am writing a post at 1 am. It is not easy today, cos it is the 3rd time about the same, amazing puffer jacket. Yes, I wore it again, but what can I say? If I love it, I will wear it to death.

This time, I wore it with the printed tee I got from the thrift shop and my beloved Levi’s. It feels grungeish, which is my go-to style in past few days.

My little sister made these pictures. She hugged me after and it caused all the air to be pumped out of the jacket. It got creased and squicked, I’d say, it looked like a giant raisin. My sis laughed and said:

Jeez, this jacket is very puffed! I didn’t expect you to be so small inside it.

It is indeed quite oversized, and this what makes it so cool!

Do you like puffer jackets?

Let me know!
Stay awesome!

STARRING: jacket ADIDAS (vintage)/denim LEVI’S/top VITNAGE/shoes DR MARTENS/bag H&MDSC_0465-001.JPGdsc_0537dsc_04722017-02-123.jpgdsc_0548dsc_05162017-02-121dsc_0538dsc_0539dsc_0554



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