Hi Guys,do you know the feeling of whole your life falling apart? I know it too well… Today was the day when I questioned all the values in my life, cos I felt like nothing is as expected and I am the core reason for it. But lest start from the beginning.

Last week I went to the pharmacy shop looking for a whitening toothpaste. I spent there hours reading leaflets attached to every single tube. I have chosen THE ONE only to discover that after I have brushed my teeth with it, it decoloured all the fillings to super very white color while keeping my teeth casually yellow. You know what is the best part of this story? I have a feeling in my front tooth, so I had to make an appointment to the dentist to replace the perfectly good filling. Such a waste of money!

You would think that this is the end of the story but not this time, my friends. I waited a few days for this glorious day when eventually I can smile again and it came. I came to the dentist, sat on the chair, and shared a story of my pathetic attempt to make teeth white. The doctor fought with my tooth for a while and put one filing that appeared to be too white. Yes, we had to take it out and put back in. AGAIN.

Did you expect this to be the end? Sorry to disappoint you. After this THE WORST has happened. I came back home looked in my bathroom mirror and discovered that the feeling is STILL TOO WHITE!!!

After that there was nothing better to do than to sit on my bathroom floor, scrolling facebook feed, and discovering that everybody got married, got pregnant, got a house. So all of my friends rule their lives, while I struggle to take care of the color of my tooth!

All that piling in my mind, made me feel very miserable. My phone fell out of my hands on a fluffy rug I was sitting on. I love this thing! It is so cool, that sometimes I take a shower, only to step on it afterward. One able to buy such an amazing bathroom feature, that both enriches the design and cheers up, cannot be a complete loser. And this is how I embraced myself. I understood that I have my life together.

This post is my top list of things that makes me feel I keep my life together.

1. WORK OUT. Maybe I have decoloured teeth. Maybe I have no kids. But at least I have super flat abs. I can’t stress enough how much satisfaction it gives me.

2. HAVE A HEALTHY FOOD IN A FRIDGE. Can you take care of yourself in a better way?

3. NOT DRINKING ALCOHOL FOR 18 MOTHS. I could be getting wasted every week. Instead, I choose to be sober. I made a conscious decision not to poison my body and I stick to it. Can I be more proud of myself? (Same applies to cigarettes)

4. KEEPING SARCASTIC COMMENTS TO MYSELF. When I hear people moaning about whatever, I could say something very mean. But I don’t.

5. SPARE THINGS. I know, I am the master of my life, thanks to having spare bulbs or plug extensions. It is that simple, my friends.

6. NOT USING THE SNOOZE BUTTON. Whenever I don’t languish in my bed hitting snooze button over and over again I feel I am the queen of the world. Cos only super awesome people do that.

So these are things that helps me survive days like today. Additionally, adding red to my outfit boosted my confidence in a heartbeat.

Do you also have a list like this? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay awesome!

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  1. nina webb says:

    Love these tips! I just did a healthy food shop yesterday and now I feel so much better ❀️

  2. This is such an inspiring post. We really need to remind ourselves in times like these that we are so blessed in many ways and be grateful of the things that we have rather than dwelling on the things that you don’t have. Being alive and well is already a bonus!

    Now, I want that ab of yours haha! Take care babe!


  3. oh my goodness!! Sorry to hear about your tooth!! Did your dentist recommend anything? I mean, that’s part of their job too right? To help you get whiter teeth – did he recommend anything?

    On the other hand, I smiled a lot as I read through all the ways you cheered yourself up, way to go babe!!
    Because until you have kids, YOU are NUMERO UNO.
    YOUR happiness is paramount.

    Keep taking care of yourself babe

    1. anjage says: Author

      The dentist advised not to use whitening toothpaste, but only methods controlled by doctors. Due to high level of peroxide they have much better effects and tend to be more permanent. Additionally, while whitening you are in constant contact with the dentist so any unexpected changes are quickly took care of. Thank you for your comment, I hope you will have a great weekend!!! 😊❀

  4. bdarielle says:

    Life is funny isn’t it lol
    I try to give myself tips through out the day too or I try to start my day with a healthy breakfast bc that always helps! Oh and not stress the small things! Great post as always!

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