In exactly one week, I am going to chill on Eilat’s beaches. Yes my friends, I am going for a trip to Israel <3

DSC_0147-001I have this thing with trips, that I start enjoying them as soon as the planning begins. Creating a detailed program of sightseeing is one thing, and preparation of lightweight luggage is the other one.

I haven’t made any binding decisions about the outfits, yet. I focused on choosing the beauty products suitable for demanding conditions of the trip.

So stating the obvious, I am going for the mini products. There are a tiny shampoo bottle, a tiny shower gel and lotion. I am a woman, though, so apart from those basics, I am also packing a few less obvious products.

Here is a list of top 7 beauty products, that will help me to feel and look fabulous when staying overnight at the Negev desert or hiking along the Masada.

1.  THERMAL WATER. It refreshes the face, it soothes the sunburns and it helps the makeup least longer. I go for Avene, cos I like it the most.
2. DRY SHAMPOO. I don’t want to wash my hair every day, but need them to look fabulous. Yes, laziness is the core reason why I befriended dry shampoo. My fav is Batiste, find it HERE.DSC_0187-001

3. WET WIPES. My tip, go for ones from baby care department. They don’t have any fragrance and usually are half price of the face ones. Choose from THESE.
4. HIGHLIGHTER. Most of the time, I won’t be wearing any makeup. But if I do, it will be a no-make up version of it, focused around highlighting my beautiful tan. My very favorite one is from Benefit, THIS ONE.
5. LIPBALM. I will go for THIS ONE. While on the desert, I need to go for the best moisturizers and this is the best I have ever used. I know it will melt though. Well, it is anyway the best.
6. EXFOLIATING GLOVE. I like how clean my skin looks like when I use it. That is it. Similar to mine HERE.
7. HAND SANITIZER. Cos not always you may find a place with trustworthy water to wash your hands. Go for something like THIS.

Did I miss something important? Let me know, there is still time to gather all the supplies πŸ˜€

Stay awesome,

P.S. These is not advertorial. All of these products are my ultimate favorites, which i use on a daily basis πŸ™‚


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  1. bdarielle says:

    I’m a planner too lol I always have wet wipes with me at all times! I need to try that thermal water I hear it does wonders.

  2. I am such a big fan of thermal water – and especially the Avene one! It’s great to use during and after a flight when skin gets dehydrated πŸ˜” and also to cool down in the summer heat! Dry shampoo is also a must on holiday! Who has time to wash their hair very often! Hope you and your friends have a fab trip!! xxx

  3. Lux says:

    That’s amazing! Israel seems like an interesting place to explore.
    I also bring my must haves with me when I travel. So much like this list.

    1. anjage says: Author

      Yeah, totally agree about the feeling sanitizer leaves on your hands… At the begining it felt awkward for me as well, but than I got used to πŸ˜’ thank you for your visit and the comment!!! Have a good weekend 😁

  4. Poppy Jacklin says:

    The Batiste dry shampoo is #1 on my list always! Love the post 😊

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