My teenage times are long gone, but I have never grown out of teenage movies. There is some kind of an ultimate truth about social behaviors shown in the stories of high schoolers. The main character is facing an unspeakable crisis, aΒ  lot of side characters reveal their real faces and we learn that not everything is as it firstly appeared to be. I would lie if I say this is not applicable to an adult life.

And so facing the issues of adulthood, I decided to watch a teenage movie to let off some steam. I went for The Edge of Seventeen because its score on IMDB was high. Checking the quality of the movies, I don’t necessarily read reviews, but surely the IMDB score. Anything with 7 or over makes to the screen of my telly. The Edge of Seventeen got 7, 5 what in a heartbeat put it on the top of my ToWatch list. (check it HERE)

The movie was predictable in some ways and a bit cheesy in others. Well, but anyways, I love it! (It scored a lot of points for good sense of humor. )

Nadine, the main character, is a super sweet girl but, as expected, she is also really insecure. She is not always acting smart. Okey, to be honest, she has some super weak moments, when I wanted to punch her (but only to sober her up). But even in her least glamorous, Nadine is still cool. She is like all of us, humans, and to get a different perspective she needs to take some time. Oh, how real life alike it is that each day, as we get older, we gain a new perspective in some kind of progression.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who didn’t see it, so going to drop it here. I will go for a bit of fashion spoiler, though. Here I have an outfit inspired by Nadine’s style.
Did you see the movie? Do you watch teenage films? Let me know in the comments below. πŸ˜‰

Stay awesome!

STARRING: jacket ADIDAS ORIGINALS/dress, necklace H&M/sunnies C&A



27 thoughts on “OOTD & THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN

  1. Oh my god that jacket is amazing! I want! Aahh! I too love teen movies. I get sucked into teen shows too. Like, I can’t get enough of “Skins”. Haven’t seen The Edge of Seventeen but I’m totally going to check it out! Also, again…I just can’t get enough of that jacket and I love how you paired it with the dress.

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    1. Oh, I love Skins as well. Its the best series ever! ❀ Thanks for your words about the jacket. I got it in a second hand store and straight away it became my very favorite πŸ™‚ See you around!

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