April has come and I totally forgot to post my musings! So here it is a set of few things that I turn me on at the moment πŸ˜€

1. The spring has come and eventually, I could dust off my heeled chunky SANDALS! I am wearing them every day now. Feeling of freeing my feet from boots is amazing! FASHION TIP: In case I am cold, I keep a pair of socks in my handbag. Pernille Teisbaek style ^^

2. I am going for a short trip to HANNOVER this month. I don’t know what to expect, but am super excited about it!

3. At the end of March, the first quarter of 2017 has finished revealing a disturbing reality regarding my new year resolutions. I haven’t met my targets! I am blaming difficult times I was in, but let’s face it, I am the only one to blame. Those goals are to help me reach my dreams, so instead of giving excuses, I need to act. And so I cheer in my head Go and get it, girl!

4. I still didn’t decide which festival to go for this year. I have in my mind MELT! cos it has the most amazing line up ever, but maybe I should discover something new?

5. I am still not into makeup, but I am most defo into highlighting everything. I have a highlighting stick already (read more about it HERE), but I am considering going for some highlighting powders. D4R14 has THIS ONE from Rimmel and she is very convincing why I should get it as well. What do you think?

In addition to these thoughts from my mind I attach as always amazing images, that are inspiring my fashion choices πŸ™‚

Let me know your suggestions regarding festivals and highlighters and stay awesome!



9 thoughts on “APRIL MUSINGS

  1. Haha, I can totally relate to being happy bringing out the chunky-heeled sandals now that Spring is here! Love your choice of inspiring images, by the way.


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