I had quiet weeks in March and I felt I owe you a few posts, so I decided to make a few posts on the top of the regular ones. Hope you will like it 🙂

There was a weird thing about crater Ramon. I felt like everything is pulling me away from it. Let’s start from the beginning, though.

We woke up late that day and took our time in Silent Arrow*1 hostel. Why wouldn’t we? The place was amazing, situated outside the city, with adorable cottages, fully equipped kitchen and showers. Yes, my friends, that was a first time in 2 days that we saw a shower and, like that was not enough, this shower had hot water! In our eyes, that was a definition of paradise on the desert.

When we hit the road K473 said we are about to go to the touristic center first. I was like, yeah, lets never get to this crater, lets watch it on a map instead*2. I didn’t say a word, though. We had quite a difficult social situation there and I didn’t want to escalate it. My efforts backfired anyway, cos 2 days after social issue evolved into a real catastrophy, but we will get to that later.

And so we went to the touristic center in Mitzpe Ramon. On the way, I realized we do not have accommodation for the night. Well,  I knew about it before, but now it was concerning the very night after the day that was happening, so I panicked a bit. It is not easy to find an accommodation on site in Israel. As I mentioned before, even tent on a desert can be booked online, so we knew that we should not belive in finding something later on that night. Luckily our old friend*3 came to the rescue.

I sat in the restaurant situated next to the touristic center and started browsing. It didn’t take long to find a flat for rent #diggingdailydeals. We were about to leave when a girl approached us. It was an activist, making a survey about the industrialization of Israel and its results and even though I so very wanted to go to this flipping crater, I remembered times at Uni when I was doing similar stuff and agreed to help her.

It was 10 past 1 when we handed over filled in surveys. I can’t stress enough, how anxious I was to get to the crater. We left the restaurant, made 10 steps forward, and it showed up. I couldn’t believe we spent 1 hour sitting only 10 steps away from it. It didn’t matter anymore, though. Here it was. The Ramon crater*4.

In the place like this, I forget everything. It is only me and space. I wow every second. The beauty of our mother Earth is unspeakable. I have no vocabulary to describe it.
The first thing that stroked me was how huge it is! I mean, really, its massive! When I was approaching its edge, my legs started to shake and my knees bent. It is so monumental and impressive. Honestly, none of the pictures I made shows even 50% of the awesomeness of this place! I felt like the beauty of nature squeezes me into the ground and made me realize how small I am.

It was that day, sitting on a rock, staring at the space, when I found peace with myself.

Stay awesome guys!

LINKS: 1. Silent Arrow Hostel HERE, 2. Reason why I don’t say mean things to people HERE, 3. 4. Ramon crater and why it is actually more of a maktesh than a crater HERE, DSC_0209-001DSC_0253-001DSC_0360-001DSC_0305-001DSC_0365-001DSC_0235-001DSC_0368-001DSC_0298-002DSC_0366-001DSC_0404-001DSC_0405-001



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