The response and engagement in an article with tricks helping to get rid of trouble zones were huge. Following questions I got from you, I decided to create more content on the subject. Today I bring to the table food choices.

So let’s make it clear. I am not a food expert. I eat every day, though and as I go, I learn more and more about what is good for me and why. What I implement in my life are healthy habits, that I don’t need to push myself to keep. After all eating is to bring me pleasure and not to make me suffer.

Let me start with my short diet story. So it started at the age of 24, when I did not care about the diet much. It was blissful times of eating pizza every single day. My current boyfriend worked at pizza place, so we had 50% discount. Who wouldn’t fall for that? Everything has changed after I moved to Indonesia, though. I got super sick with my stomach and willingly or not, I had to learn more about healthy foods. At that time, I was focusing on eating light meals and believing in a lot of myths about foods. For example, I thought that all carbs are bad or that all fat will make me fat. When I think of it now I am like: Gurl, really?!

I changed this mindset sometime after I started to work out. I was 29 at the time and thought that exercising itself should get me a lean and sexy body. The reality verified my expectations. So even though I was sweating like a pig in the gym for many months, I  achieved very subtle effects. This is when I start suspecting that a diet is actually important. I took a closer look at foods I put on the plate and this was the moment when magic started to happened. It took an additional couple of months, but finally I saw the results I was going for.

So here I am after years of research sharing with you in points below, the most important and easy to implement diet hacks I follow on a daily basis.

1. BREAKFAST. When I eat breakfast I don’t binge eating or crave snacks. Plus I eat smaller portions of all the other daily meals during the day. Works like a charm. BTW when we are with meals, let’s mention oldie but goodie. The more often you eat, the faster the digestive flow. So as surprisingly as it sounds, the less you eat, the more of it body stores.

2. CALORIES. I refuse to count calories on every step. It takes away all the joy from meal preps and is very misleading, cos it does not reflect the real values of processed foods. As I see it, following healthy choices results in lowering a number of calories, so I advise understanding what you eat and why, rather than restraining yourself from anything and creating the lobster effect. (Check what it is HERE)

3. FAT. I noticed that eating ‘good fat’ does not make me fat, but keeps me full for much longer. I add fat whenever I can (like to shakes, salads, etc.) and my fav sources of it are avocado, nuts, and seeds.

4. SAUTEING VEGGIES . Instead of frying veggies on the oil, I put it on the frying pan and splash it with a bit of water. I like more how it taste this way. It is less heavy for the stomach, less oily, more crispy and juicy.

5. INTUITIVE EATING. When it is about food it is important to depand on your body, so listen to it. Whenever I crave an orange I know I need vitamin C and dreaming of chocolate and sweetness, is my body’s scream for an energizing kick.

6. CRAVINGS. Listening to my body allows me treat myself with delicious foods I crave. The trick is to teach your body to crave the right foods. I got obsessed with healthy snacks and tried a lot of them. Now, I have a few I love the most and I always keep them handy. Example, I eat quite a lot of strawberries, so I have them in the fridge. The other things I always have at home is dark chocolate. It is bitter enough to stop me from eating a whole bar, but it satisfies my cravings for cocoa. Find what you love and enjoy snacking 🙂

7. SOY SAUCE. I use soy sauce instead of salt. It enriches taste and add less sodium. SALTY TRICK: salty taste disappears during heating up, so add salt at the end of cooking to keep its taste.

8. KEFIR. Kefir boosts digestive flow and gives the best results when drunk during the day. In the morning digestive system is empty and don’t need additional support, but this additional support is priceless in the afternoon or evening. I drink it in shakes together with fresh fruits, chia seeds or/and flax seeds. SWEET TOOTH TIP: sweet it with honey or fresh banana and not with sugar.

9. BERRIES. There is something behind the idiom magical berries.  They have so many health benefits, that I can’t even count them. So when in doubt and you crave something sweet go for strawberry, goji berry, cranberry, blackberry or any other berry that you love.

So these are a few food related tips that improved not only how my body looks, but also how I feel mentally.

Do you have food tricks to share? I would love to learn more!

Eat healthily and stay awesome!

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13 thoughts on “9 HEALTHY EATING HACKS

  1. Well all of that looks absolutely awesome! I’m also a sucker for berries too. Love to make acai bowls with acai and blueberries (with a bit of 100% peanut butter in there too) it’s too good! Great article, are you on fb at all? If so, would you like to join our group full of nutrition/fitness enthusiasts. I reckon they’d love your tips here. Here’s the link if you’re interested – https://www.facebook.com/groups/theactiveyou/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Agree 💯% . I really need to cut back on my portions. About soy sauce though, have you tried pink himalyan salt. It’s super salty so you use less and is very good for you. I found that it’s an energy booster when added to drinks.
    Thanks for liking my post. 🙂


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