When I lived in Indonesia, I used to hear a lot that I am rushing too much. My friends used to say: Don’t rush, the time is all the time. Firstly I have been annoyed by this saying, but the more I implemented it in my life, the happier I got. Eventually, I totally fall for it and follow it in my life. Well, at least I did until rush hours between Mitzpe Ramon and Jericho happened.

It has started at the very bottom of the Ramon crater. We realized then that bus we were about to take, will take off in 2 hours, but we are still at the very bottom of the mountain and have to climb back. It was the push that caused a domino effect. We were almost missed the bus in Mitzpe and than another one in Beer’Sheva. Then we learned that we were deprived of one sleeping hour due to spring time change. And lastly, we were escaping from fastly approaching Sabbath. Errr…

To bite the bullet we decided to take the very first bus to Masada. It was actually the best possible choice cos firstly we saw the sunrise over the desert and secondly, we avoided all the traffic and got to the spot 30 min early. Yey, small successes are what makes my day!

We walked up the hill with our heavy backpacks on our backs in the full sun. Yeah, we were going for a real backpacking experience that day.

When we reached the top, we quickly went through the plateau and the ruins. Here is a bathroom, here was a general’s office, here was a temple and off we go down. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t mind it, cos I can describe my impressions of Masada, in one sentence. People on people with people everywhere. I was not like a people person on that day, but who is such after waking up at 4 am? ^^

So we got to the bus stop, where we meet a french couple, who announced that our bus left. We were so tired, we kept it cool. M46D4 checked bus connections in the app and confidently glanced at us that there is nothing to worry about, K4514 got a quick sunbath and I played with the birds. As expected the bus came at scheduled time. Damn you, wrongly informed french people! We had our ride to Ein Gedi and couldn’t be happier. #israelibusesarealwaysontime.

What is Ein Gedi? It is the most magical oasis in the world! Okey, it is the first oasis I saw, so I am not objective. So let me put it this way, it was so beautiful, I got speechless. And I would fell in love with this place, but these people everywhere! It was literally as crowded as Tokyo’s underground! The Sabbath was almost there, so we left without any regrets and focused on catching a  bus to Jericho.

At the stop a bit of a Deja Vu. There was a bus stop, a couple and a message about missed bus. Does it ring a bell?

Girls sat in the small shade of the stop to escape the burning sun. I stood on the road, picturing a walk all the way to Jericho. Nothing was coming and I was so fed up with all this running, that I almost unconsciously decided to catch a ride. It took approx 10 minutes to succeed. As soon as I sat in the car of a super nice teacher from Jerusalem, I knew, the rush is finished and the chilling time has come.

Stay tuned for the next stop in our trip, Jericho in Palestine 🙂

Stay awesome,

LINKS: Masada HERE, Ein Gedi HERE, Israeli Bus Website with app available for Android and IOS HERE,




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