In the last couple of months, I had been going through a difficult period in my life. I didn’t disclose many details about it and only briefly mentioned in a couple of blog post that I feel down. I still don’t feel comfortable to write about it but in the light of recent events, I decided to do it. At least in some way.

Mentioned situation began in early autumn and progressed up till November. The pick of difficulties started to pile at that time. It took an additional couple of months until I let it go. And this is where the story from this post begins. Somewhere in February in the doctor’s office.

I don’t remember what was first my nails, my hair or my overall feeling. I think it all came together and progressed as I went deeper and deeper into my stresses. I was getting skinnier and skinnier and in the meantime having nightmares whenever I closed my eyes.

Sounds crazy? What was crazy is that at the time, I didn’t feel alarmed. I was thinking I am having a worse day, week, month.

And then I got bladder infection. As I see it now, I could say luckily I got a bladder infection. Luckily, cos eventually it pushed me to see a doctor.

At first I got some pills. The sickness continued despite medication, so doc run some tests and then more tests and then more tests. Eventually, we have learned what is wrong with me. I was suffering from candida overgrowth.

Candida* is a bacteria present in our bodies. It is friendly and useful in a small amount and very dangerous in a big one. To eliminate it, you need to discover the cause of it and cut it from my life. Most of them weren’t present in mine. I don’t drink alcohol, overuse of sugar, flour, and grains. From all the reasons for candida to overgrow only one was present in my life, stress.

It was 5th month of my stressful situation. During just another day of being in pain and in tears (did I mention that I was crying every single day whole this time? Yeah, I was.) I got a lot of text messages that mafe me super anxious. That was the very moment when for the first time I questioned motives keeping me where I was at. I felt like all world is cryshing onto my head I simply decided to let it go. And I cut myself from it. Just like that.

This is how slowely everything started to come back to whats normal. Firstly I stopped crying, then my nails and hair got better. I wasn’t so tired anymore. I had enough energy to workout, to go out, to laugh.

After 2 months I am still not 100% healthy but it will take a while more to recover fully and noticing signs of progress makes me happy.

When thinking of what used to be my reality, I can’t believe I was accepting it so easily. I couldn’t believe that stress may have such a huge impact on my body. When anyone was educating me about it, I was shutting them up. Now I know I was an ignorant. I know that through all this awfulness my body was shouting at me for putting myself into such a life situation. Now I know, I should have listened to it much sooner.

So my tip for today is to never neglect what your body tells you. It is your best friend.

Do you have similar experiences? Did you ever get sick cos of stress? Let me know in comments below.

Stay awesome!

*read more about candida HERE




  1. I’m really happy to hear you are feeling better Anjage. Thanks for sharing. keep writing; I find that it helps to cope with the stress. Stay strong, stay stylish.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear you suffered for so long, though receive you’re feeling a little better now! This is a beautiful look on you; very stylish and ‘model off-duty’.



    1. I do feel stressed to share my emotions. It sometimes makes me shameful. But life is like nature, beautiful and cruel at the same time. And so I faced its less peaceful side and made a surprising discovery that I had to share… πŸ˜€ Take care, Matt.


    1. Thank you for encouragement. It is not easy to share difficulties of life, but this topic seems so important for me, I couldn’t omit it. Have a good one! ❀❀❀


  3. I’m sorry that it happened to you. But I’m happy to know you’re recovering. I hope you get better and be back to normal soon.

    Still, you look good in these photos.


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