From all the current trends surprisingly my favorite is ‘pink everything’. Surprisingly, cos if anybody told me a couple of years ago, that I am going to wear pink, I’d laugh. But here I am today, digging this pastel pink top. Typical for a game of fashion, to hate something one day, to love it another.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not some edgy chick to go for it. The Spring 2017 runways saw every shade of pink, from fuchsia and rose to peach and magenta. More, these were paired unexpectedly with one another. So while at Chloe we saw its signature dusty hue, Balenciaga matched raspberry with lavender, and Valentino dressed pink with strong and clear red. It is all about unexpected yet surprisingly stylist sets of tones.

As mentioned before, I didn’t go for anything super edgy, nor groundbreaking. My first try with pink is its pastel shade with denim. Digging the final effect and I cannot imagine how could I ever be prejudiced against it at all. And this is how it was decided, there are more pink looks to come this season. Oh, yeah!

Do you like pink? Which of SS2017 trends are you going to follow? Let me know in comments below.

Stay awesome,

pictures D4R14

STARRING: top ZARA (THIS ONE)/denim LEVIS (more HERE)/jacket VINTAGE(more HERE)/shoes VANS (more HERE)



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