It is a Fashion Revolution week and I have created content referring to its ideals. Today I bring to the table 2nd hand shopping.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I feel like an expert in the field of 2nd hand shopping. I am doing it for many years and quite often I choose it over new goods. There is a logic behind it. It is cheap. It promotes recycling. It boosts creativity. It makes me look original. It is supporting local businesses. I could make this list longer, but I believe these few reasons are enough to inspire you to shop on 2nd hand market.

But apparently, thrifting requires skills. I heard people saying, it is difficult. Many complain that they never find anything cool, or that it takes too much time. Well, possibly they are right. I wouldn’t know, though, cos I have a routine that helps me to shop successfully, effortlessly and in a reasonable amount of time.

Here is a list of tricks I use shopping 2nd hand to make it counts.

1. EVENTS. The best days to shop are when new stock arrives (for the biggest choice) and just before old stock leaves (for the best bargains).
2. AIM & BE SPONTANEOUS. I make a list of cravings, but I am not too strict about it. When I come across something I desire it, there is no reason to leave it behind. (nothing hunts us more than things we didn’t buy ^^)
3. TRY ON EVERYTHING THAT CATCHES YOUR EYE. You never know how it looks on you and trying on. And trying on is free, so you don’t loose anything.
4. FORGET ABOUT SIZES. It is important how it looks, not what the label says. Firstly cos preowned clothes are usually stretched. Secondly cos the key is creativity. This is how me, a girl with waist 28 in and size S, have 26 in denim, or a few XXL tees that make my oversized looks.
5. BASICS. Look for a replacement of your favorite basics. I always look for denim, cos finding a pair that looks perfect on my ass borders with a miracle. So whenever I am shopping, I have a look at denim section. Possibly my dream pair is there and as it is so difficult to find it, having a spare one won’t hurt πŸ˜‰
6. LABEL TRAP. Don’t buy anything only because it is a designer piece or it has a tag on it. Try it on and buy it only if you see yourself wearing it. And be careful not to get any fakes.
7. STAIN ALERT. Don’t buy anything that has stains, unless you are an expert in stain removal.
8. INSPECT. Before paying check an item fro any damages. My way to do it is by putting it flat on the table checking front and back for holes and then checking all the seams and hem.
9. TAILOR IT. When an item is damaged you can try to fix it, but it not always works. Here is how I see it:
Easy Fixes: adjusting the hem, sleeves or legs, sewing along the seam.
Hard Fixes: replacing lining, replacing buttons, zippers, and other hardware, sewing rips in fabric (almost impossible to hide)
Impossible Fixes: broken embellishments, resoling or mending shoes (v expensive), enlarging.

So these are my tips. Would you add anything to it? Let me know in the comments below.

I attach to this tips a lookbook fully composed from clothes bought in 2nd hand stores. Check the video for this lookbook HERE.

And stay awesome!





  1. I would recommend going to 2ndhand with some aim, like β€œtoday I am looking for trousers with short look on jackets”. In case of bigger shops it is helpful that our idea was this specific product and we are not wasting the time for unnecessary stuff.

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  2. I love shopping at Consignment stores. A couple tips to add to your excellent ones – look for coats and jackets, since people often get rid of them after one season. Be aware that some clothes May have been altered already – look inside for signs of alterations. And make the trip to a wealthy area for some higher end stuff.

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    1. To be honest I buy quite a lot of knits, cos it is perfect way to get some awesome quality. I go only for wool and I always check if it is not stretched, destroyed or shrunk. After seeing 1000 jumpers one gets the skill to recognize a good wool… My fav is merino woolπŸ˜„


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