I struggled to select pictures for this post. Usually I try not to include more than 10, maybe 15 photos. I feel too much visuals fail to send the message. But I had to go for unspeakable amount of pictures after all. Excluding even one seemed to be hurtful.

A lot of the pictures presents people.* After a couple of days in the country side, I felt overwhelmed with variety of stories these people had. The girl with flower crown, soldiers, tourists, orthodox Jews, all of them seemed so damn interesting.

To be honest, I felt awkward looking at orthodox Jews. I felt guilty photographing their daily life. I felt it is wrong to be interested in someone only cos of their religion, but I couldn’t stop staring. There was something about them I couldn’t embrace. Was it peace, nonchalance or faith? I cannot say.

And there were us. In the long skirts, with long sleeves we hoped to melt into the surroundings, but lets face it, we were walking around with the guide. How much more touristic we could be?

We couldn’t drop the book, though. It had all the maps, all the infos and all the stories about the city. It was our best friend for these 2 days. So much to see and so little time. The issue of every traveler, that every trip always comes to an end.

I will spare words, so you can enjoy the images. And also I feel some unspeakable nostalgia when seeing these pictures today. I feel any words would spoil the matter. Speech is silver and silence is gold, as they say. So let me just shut up…

Stay awesome,

*should you want me to remove your picture, please let me know and I will do it asap.

LINKS: Jerusalem wiki page HERE; airbnb accomodation options HERE, the wall HERE, Mea Shearim district HERE



30 thoughts on “PEOPLE. JERUSALEM, ISRAEL.

  1. Jerusalem is a tricky place. My family lives in Israel and range from religious to secular. The Orthodox are tricky people in particular so I get why you were hesitant about them. I love the picture of the 2 young women in uniform best, a sight I am used to seeing when I go there but you’ve captured the casual side to the uniform as well

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