Spring is a nightmare this year. We had only a few warm days in April and now for weeks already it is flipping cold. I am craving hot weather… and a couple more things.

FOOD. Coffee brewed in Vietnamese style with almond milk instead of condensed one. <3*

READINGS. German Elle**. I am learning the language, its good to learn the most important words first πŸ˜€

BEAUTY. Going make up free meant for me a lot of totally new beauty practices. And so in the range of cosmetics I to use on a regular basis different kinds of water sprays and drink unspeakable amounts of it.

WORK, WORK, WORK… I guess this one is selfexplanatory. New planning method to the rescue!

YOGA. I will repeat a 30 days yoga challenge. This time I wanna focus on morning practices. I wonder, if after 30 days of repeating it regulatory it becomes my habit. ***

YOUTUBE. 2 fashion collectives with video and fashion inspo: TheLineUP HERE and ToThe9s HERE and Kristen Leo for lifestyle inspiration HERE

What are you up to these days? Let me know. I am craving inspiration.

Stay awesome!

LINKS: *Vietnamese coffee tutorial HERE, **, ***playlist with a few yoga routines of various lengths HEREDesktop39-001tumblr_of7vnvgLQe1tbyfj4o1_540.jpgtumblr_o8nasz0d9D1v1plcdo1_1280284A0335-1024x978tumblr_nhzkbybnvw1r9v772o1_540tumblr_oo0yfl0RGs1w8gmp7o1_1280




24 thoughts on “MAY MUSINGS

  1. the sun was shining so bright yesterday but i still have to put my jacket on because the wind was freakin cold. and now it’s raining hard. i crave for the real warm weather too!


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  2. About German, think of your own native language, or another one you learned with intricate but very logical grammar. And if you’re reading German magazines, you’re more than halfway there. Trust me, I’m a language coach (mainly English and German). And I’ve had to translate for relatives from the time I could think. *Ending motivational speech in 3,2,1 . . .*

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