I wanted to write a post about longing, but couldn’t come up with proper words. And than I remembered 2 poems. Its meaning seems to me so clear I wanted to share it with you and learn what you think.

I first read them in primary school in anthology of polish poetry from the II WW. My dad recommended  me this book. I was sitting on the fluffy carpet of my bedroom and going through it over and over again. I still get emotional when I read them.

I have translated it for you at the best of my abilities.

Pocalunki Maria Pawlikowska Jasnorzewska

Nie widziałam cię już od miesiąca
I nic. Jestem może bledsza,
Trochę śpiąca, trochę bardziej milcząca,
Lecz widać można żyć bez powietrza!

Kisses by Maria Pawlikowska Jasnorzewska

I have not seen you in a month
And nothing. I’m maybe pale,
A little sleepy, a little more silent,
But apparently you can live without air!

Halina Poświatowska

bądź przy mnie blisko
bo tylko wtedy
nie jest mi zimno

chłód wieje z przestrzeni

kiedy myślę
jaka ona duża
i jaka ja

to mi trzeba
twoich dwóch ramion zamkniętych
dwóch promieni wszechświata

*** by Halina Poswiatowska

Be near me
Because only then
I’m not cold

Cold air blows from space

When I think
How big space
And how i

I need only
Your two arms closed around me
Two rays of the universe

When shooting it was not my intention to refer to longing, but I think they match.

How do you deal with longing? Let me know.

Stay awesome



top and bracelet H&M/denim CALVIN KLEIN/hoodie GAP/earrings IAM/tights NEW YORKER



20 thoughts on “OOTD & LONGING

  1. The fishnet tights are having a major comeback. I like them because they bring a touch of edge and glamour to my classic outfits. I use them as an accessory with crop jeans or I let them be the focal point of my look, wearing them with skirt or dress. Nice post Anjage.

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