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A long time ago, over the hills and in the kingdom far away a wise woman said “awwww…, fuck this shit!” and lived happily ever after.

Wondering why I mention this today? Simply, I thought that as I let go of all the physical thing that cluttered my life, I am ready to let go of what clutters my mind.

So I believe you have also been there. Was it a boy/girl that didn’t want to date you or maybe it was a colleague that shared some nasty and false gossip about you? Or maybe you got sucked at work or your close person got sick? It doesn’t matter what it is, cos when we cling to it, it becomes the nightmare that can haunt us forever.

Scary? Not anymore. Check THIS video for the most simple and amazing tip for life.

Unfortunately, this brilliant advice does not always help. Call me a woman, but when I am anxious, and someone tells me to stop being anxious, I do not get magically cured. Would be awesome, if it did, but I don’t. I need more support. Here are steps I take when on a way to let something go.

There are reasons I cling to something. For example, I want to feel I am right and somebody else is not. Or I like the feeling of being a victim, getting attention and comfort. Most common in my case, though, is fear of unknown. I like the familiar zone. And even though Barney says New is always better, for me, it is also pretty scary.

Realizing why I stick to something, I think about benefits of sticking to it and leaving it. I usually use a piece of paper to make two lists, in two columns. Setting these lists one next to another is a key, cos this way you see clearly what you have written. Think Ted Mosby, think THIS.

Now it is the time to evaluate your lists. Thinking about the past gives me comfort? Yeah, but it also stops me from being productive, social or happy. I know that I should let it go, but I think of all the efforts I put in and hesitate. That is when the final stage comes in.

I choose to forgive myself and everybody else if needed. I forgive myself for all the wasted time, for all the efforts I made. I forgive others for being stubborn, mean or unreasonable. And this forgiveness takes all the disturbing thoughts away.

And how do you do it? Would you add something to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

Together with my thoughts, totally random summer outfit, I dig these days.

Stay awesome,

P.S. BTW, when it is about letting go, I always think of THIS and THIS video. Do you like it?

STARRING: top, shorts, earrings and bag VINTAGE/shoes VANS


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  1. Mrs.S LDN says:

    You had me at the tassles 😍😍
    My good friend also uses this quote and thought of her when reading it!! Great post oh wise one 😘

  2. Lux G. says:

    Super love this top and your earrings too.
    And these thoughts are just so wise. Yes to letting go and forgiving yourself.

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