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My mood board. I am all about nude shades, denim, and summery vibes. I love the last picture. I dream of a dress like this one. I would wear it every day! It would be perfect for shopping at my local market. Firstly cos it is so beautiful. Secondly cos this is one of the most exciting I do lately. Who would have thought that I will become such a domestic animal.
What clothes do you crave at the moment?

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  1. I keep a fashion inspiration folder in my phone. There’s well over a hundred pictures in there! 😖

    As for craved clothes 🤔
    For sure something from the GucciXjjba crossover. That said, not many people know what Jojo’s is, so the odds are that someone will list that it’s by that artist or that collab is slim to none. 😣

    1. Anja says: Author

      Oh… these limited editions… hearing you. And the idea with phone inspo is great! I am going to use it from now on. <3 <3 <3

    1. Anja says: Author

      Yeah, I also feel it. It made me think for a longer while about it. Thanks for stopping by!

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