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It is a couple of years now since I started to look for perfect wide leg pants and now my searches have finished as these gorgeous silk babes became a part of my wardrobe, hell yeah!

Wide leg pants are a perfect alternative to airy summer skirts, but this is not the reason why I so wanted to go for them. The reason is the ugly secret of mine, which is that at some days I am super lazy to shave my legs.



Hairy legs are not a problem during winter. You pull on whatever and it hides every inch of your body. In the summer though, everything is so short and lets face it, no one wanna wear a thick denim fabric all over legs when it is 40 degrees outside. This is why I so desperately needed a pair of Safar looking wide leg pants.


Now reading what I wrote, there is some part of me that feels uncomfortable to mention this hair that grew all around my body. So funny, that hair from all around woman body seems so disgusting, while ones on heads are praised as gods.

And how do you feel about your hair? Are you also shy to mention not shaved legs? Let me know!

Happy Monday and stay awesome!


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  1. Body hair is as natural as breathing. I’m definitely not ashamed to say things like I’m on my period or I didn’t shave my legs. It’s natural! And whoever feels uncomfortable with that has to deal with it, because it’s a normal thing 😂

  2. Yes, most likely every woman is ashamed of even talking about hairy legs, armpits and so… I think it’s because it is expected from us to be “pretty” and perfect all the time. Women are presented today in media as sex bombs, goddesses, stunning, perfect creatures. And not as human beings with flaws and yes, lazy days when you’re just not into shaving legs. LOL. Anyways, love the look. You always look so cool 🙂 I’ve just found myself a perfect culotte/wide pant romper and can’t to wear it 😀

  3. I’m always a touch shy about my hairy legs, but since I work a dirty job and MUST wear jeans 5 days out of the week, I only shave Thursday night’s or Friday mornings. I’m clean shaven for the weekend, when I’ll eschew pants! 😄 problem is, I always miss hair on the back of my thighs because of poor bathroom lighting so I try to go with longer skirts and dresses 😂

  4. mutzii says:

    I was born hairy but I was never shy of it. Although I do shave from time to time. Only the lower part of my legs as the hair there tend to be dark and thick when not shaved. So don’t be ashamed of it. Totally fine! We’re just human. You tc! xx

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