Last few weeks were amazing and busy. Now, when it’s over I am so happy to just chill. One shall never underestimate the power of having a rest. Following my hedonistic urges, I let myself to do what I love the most watch movies, listen to the music and read books. These are few things that came through my hands these days.

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Memories, dreams reflections. Carl Jung.
A book that made me realize that even the biggest minds always need time to excel in their skills. HAven’t finish it yet, but almost there.

Ghost in the Shell by R. Sanders. Story based on a comic book with the same title. It shows scary vision of the future with quite cool fashion.
Miss Sloane by J. Madden.Β  I saw it for the second time. For me, it is a movie of the year. Huge plus for amazing costumes.



Burial Untrue. Oldie, but goodie.

InTheFrow I was never into Victorias channel until I started to watch vlogs and now I love her.
Jon Olson cos it is the story of a dream coming true.

Can you recommend any movies or books? Would love to see something new.

Stay awesome!


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  1. Eena says:

    Love the pictures! My fiancΓ© wanted to see Ghost in the Shell since he said the comic book was good. Looks too futuristic for me but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

  2. 3C Style says:

    Unfortunately, all the books I could recommend are in French (don’t even know if they have been translated). There is one I read in English and loved: Tom Miller – The Panama hat Trail: A Journey from South America. No film either. I have been watching series on Netflix and HBO… Right now, into Game of Thrones. Take care.

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